Who We Are...

We Rely on Passion, Leadership, Innovation, Creativity, and Team Work to Create Quality Products, Value-Add Services that Bring Business Successes, Growth Opportunities and Sustainable in A Competitive Marketplace.

ProExcell International Plt is led by a dynamic group of people with over 20 years of knowledge and hands-on experience, with proven successes and records in business, marketing, communications, operations, information and multimedia technologies.

  • We're armed with business and marketing solutions experts to provide value-added services to our partners whenever they need in planning of business growth, marketing and communications strategies and operational optimisation.
  • Our team has proven ability to balance creativity with practical business sense to maximize your return on investment.
  • We build strong business synergies and partnership convergence and leverage different strengths and skills to achieve “Win-Win Business Relationships”.
  • We continually enhance our capabilities and professionalism, expand our networks and improve product and service qualities to meet above our customers’ and partners’ satisfaction, to build trust and confidence for customers’ and partners' loyalty and sustainability.
  • We pay attention to every detail, full commitment and strong collaboration with our partners to provide services and support in business and marketing delivery models, methodologies and communications frameworks that fit into the clients’ culture and business goals.

Our Commitment...

  • "Reliability and Quality" is Key to Building Trust and Confidence, Foster Business Relationships that Continually Grow the Business and Expand the Marketplace.

  • "Price" is to Key for Gaining Profit. "Brand, Quality, Distribution Networks and Service Levels" Count for Long-Term Sustainability, Market Competitiveness and Business Growth.

  • "Highest Service and Support Level Possible" to Meet Customer's and Partner's Satisfaction, Enhance Trust and Confidence.

What They Say...

Some of our Customers are Saying .....


Have used other sonic brushes to wash my face .... I like Vivdia Massager as its more that just a facial brush, it has an anti-aging massage feature that I can also use it together with skincare applications. I have only used this for a few days but my face looks shiny, less noticeable blackheads and fine-line reduced... my skin is getting smoother and healthier now!!

I have no doubt to use this massager as it has been certified, made with food grade silicon and also proven safe to use on my sensitive skin...And, its much cheaper compared to other similar products, and cost saving in long run as I didn't need to replace the heads or batteries. 

I searched for a facial brush for the longest time as my skin is super sensitive, this one was ideal! Removes all makeup and leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed. I give it a 100% and commend the sellers for proving it works!
To be honest, I was skeptical upon hearing about this product, I asked around and there are a few similar products in the market and have not been very confident with them. But the seller confidently tested it on my skin... It was so good. My skin was brighter and smoother, fine-line and blackheads less noticeable and reduced... Instantly!
I was hooked...I use it everyday! And now, my skin is clearer and smoother....  Thanks to Vivdia!

Got it whilst I was in Malaysia, skin became oily cos of the heat. After using it my skin stayed oil free for several hours before the next use. Now I'm back overseas where its cold and dry, my skin is usually flaky, with Vivdia my skin is super smooth!


Very much in love with this product! Relaxes my skin and makes feel totally cleansed. Even my siblings use it since they love how it can massage your right portions of the face whilst cleaning pores deep down. Highly recommended!

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