Looking for a New Opportunity?

Why not be one of our Agents/Partners instead and aim to be the pioneer in the market?

ProExcell is not Just a Trading or Distribution Company, we aim to build a long term and sustainable partnership with our Vivdia™ brand, and to support others in building their own brands through strategic marketing and promotion campaigns!  

To assist you in achieving a "Win-Win Business Relationship" with us, we have developed strategic partner models that would fit into different entrepreneurs and nature of business needs. 

We have 4 categories of partnership with Attractive Programs and Campaigns, which includes support on promotion materials, joint-campaign marketing, order flexibility, and attractive incentives! And what's more, we can provide locally-based sales and support to assist our agents and partners in making waves wherever they are!

Get in touch with us to find out more information on the product, the market and pricing competitiveness today! 


ProExcell Alliance Program

Sales Agent

Any individual or company

A minimum order quantity per order for trial

Targeted segment or sell directly within their own networks /communities

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Elite Partner

Exclusive partnership for first entrepreneurs or companies as pioneer in Malaysia or other countries respectively

Appointed as Dealer/Retailer for a targeted segment/industry

Limited to max 5 appointed dealers and retailers respectively

Entitled for exclusive prices and support

Yearly renewal is subject to performance assessment

Ordinary Partner

Normal partnership for subsequent entrepreneurs or companies in Malaysia and other countries respectively

Appointed as subsequent Dealer or Retailer in specific targeted segment / industry

Limited to max 10 appointed dealers and retailers respectively

Entitled for discounted prices and specific support

Yearly renewal is subject to performance assessment

Collection Agent

Any entrepreneurs or companies with premises available for item collection

As a center point for product collection at agreed and identified areas

Work with the Sponsor to run special “win-win partnership” campaigns and programs

Promote both businesses to the customers who walk-in to collect the purchased items.

One of the most effective ways to generate leads and close sales.

Looking To Monetize Your Social Media Channels?

Why not join our Influencer Program?

social mediaFor the active social media butterfly, we welcome you!

If you are active on your blog or Instagram, and have over 1,000 followers across your social media platforms, you can earn a commission by promoting Vivdia.

Just email us with your name, contact number, blog URL, daily traffic stats or Instagram handle and we will get back to you soonest possible. 

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